Custom Pools and Landscaping Brisbane

Beautiful pool designs and landscapes for your Brisbane home

While a new swimming pool is a statement piece within itself, without suitable landscaping to complement the space, it may always feel like there is something missing.


Pool and Landscaping Brisbane

With all of our pool designs, our landscaping and swimming pool builders in Brisbane may recommend the following to take your new pool to the next level:

  • Plants and gardens around the pool that will be low maintenance for the natural light the area receives
  • Outdoor lighting to give you an all-day, year-round ambience
  • Water features that tie into the style of your pool and landscape design for your Brisbane home

When we construct our luxury pools for your home, it is our intention to bring you complete pool designs and landscaping in Brisbane so you can build an exotic water retreat where you can entertain your family safely.


Qualified Landscapers

Our luxury swimming pool and landscaping construction would not be possible without the years of experience of our team. We are constantly researching and discovering the best of Brisbane landscaping to make sure that your landscape design not only looks great from day one but for years to come. 

It is important for us that while we design your new outdoor area, that we endeavour to bring you the perfect plants and design that complement Queensland’s climate and extreme conditions. We take the time to tie in details of your design and construction including retaining walls and of course your concrete pool.

Lush tropical pool landscaping in Brisbane beside a yellow lit home and clear custom above ground pool that could be mistaken for an Asian resort.


Brisbane Pools & Landscapes is passionate in all things sustainable landscape design.


What kind of plants do we consider for pool landscaping in Brisbane?

The main thing we take into account is not to use plants that will make your new pool difficult to maintain. So our team will generally opt for an established tree that isn’t too delicate and doesn’t drop too many leaves, such as frangipanis, palm trees or succulents. Landscape gardening should not only be beautiful but also be joyful for you to look at and maintain. 

To make it that little bit easier, we will recommend installing an irrigation system in your outdoor space. This is much easier to do before the custom-designed landscaping is in and it will make sure that the garden is maintained year-round. From there we can go ahead and start creating your beautiful swimming pool construction. 

Our pool landscaping design in Brisbane is specially created for the climate and environment to ensure our projects are cost-effective, water-wise and sustainable.

If you’re looking for a quality pool landscape package in Brisbane, contact us for an onsite assessment with a qualified designer from Brisbane Pools & Landscapes.