We Design & Build Luxury Residential Swimming Pools

Our luxury swimming pool designs turn everyday outdoor areas into an aquatic paradise, ideal for relaxation and entertaining. There is no better place to install a pool than balmy Brisbane, and we specialise in designing and delivering luxury pools that enhance your lifestyle and add value to your home. 

With the best beaches at least an hour away from Brisbane, having a pool in your own backyard is the ultimate luxury. As for maintenance, modern luxury pools create minimal work for their owners and contemporary pool cleaners are sleek and virtually silent. 

Our philosophy is that if you go to the effort of building a luxury pool on your property in Brisbane, it should be a joy to spend time in. Naturally, it must also look immaculate and function efficiently (without a great deal of hard work from your end).


Infinite Design Possibilities

The initial factors to consider are how much space you have, how much you want to spend and how you want your pool to look. There are endless exciting, creative options when it comes to luxury pool creation. During the design process, we can customise your pool to suit your aesthetics and lifestyle. Our experienced team will assist you with tile selection, the colour of the water, steps, depths, filter options and help you decide whether you want to include optional extras, such as a water feature, diving board or slippery slide. Meanwhile, our landscaping experts can help you choose lush foliage to surround the pool. 

Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated infinity design, a contemporary makeover for your existing model or a more traditional style of pool, we can design and build it for you.

Brisbane Pools & Landscapes assists clients with design services both in conjunction with and separate from pool construction. In other words, we can design and build your luxury residential pool — or just handle the design side of things.

We are local luxury pool designers who understand Brisbane residents, their lifestyles and their properties. In our many years of operation, we have designed and built everything from plunge pools for apartment buildings and large family pools in the backyards of old Queenslanders to luxury L-shaped infinity pools wrapped around contemporary homes.