Landscape Design Specialists

Beautiful landscaping for your Brisbane home 

To complete your new luxury pool area, immaculate pool landscaping is a must. This includes plants and gardens adjacent to the pool, outdoor lighting and water features that complement both the pool design and the overall look of your home — without adding significantly to household maintenance.

In addition to luxury pool designs and construction, we design luxurious aquatic outdoor areas where you can entertain guests and the whole family can splash around and keep fit in safety and comfort.

Our team includes experienced pool and landscape designers with a wealth of knowledge about Brisbane horticulture, including what looks best and grows well in the local climate. We can also help you select species that are impervious to salt and chlorine, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your pool area and backyard.


pool landscaping Brisbane


The Brisbane environment and climate are unique, which is why landscaping is such an important element of pool design in our city.  Brisbane Pools & Landscapes is renowned for quality, sustainable landscape design services that transform any space into a stunning outdoor entertaining area perfect for Queensland conditions.


Garden design, planting and irrigation 

Palm trees are always a popular choice for pool landscaping, as are frangipani trees and succulents. There are many things to consider with poolside plants — you want species that won’t drop too many leaves in the pool and hardy species that don’t mind splashes of pool water from a bomb dive or marco polo match. 

Our experts know everything there is to know about landscaping for pool areas in Brisbane. They can assist you with plant selection, garden design, retaining walls, garden planters and other structures, as well as the actual planting of the garden and associated maintenance. We can even recommend and install automatic trickle feeds and irrigation systems for landscaping that takes care of itself. All our backyard pool landscaping is designed for Brisbane’s climate and environment to ensure the projects we deliver for clients are cost-effective, water-wise and sustainable.

Water features and outdoor lighting

What could be more relaxing than a cascading waterfall or fountain in your pool area? We specialise in creating beautiful water feature designs that are water-wise and energy efficient. Our experienced inground pool experts can show you all the options available, and talk you through the logistics of plumbing and maintenance.