Custom Lap Pool Builders Brisbane

Chat to our lap pool builders in Brisbane about a swimming pool design that can be personalised to your home.

We are one of the leading lap pool builders in Brisbane and pride ourselves on bringing you a high quality product with considerate and understanding service. When it comes to the crowd favourite of lap pools, Brisbane has an ideal climate to encourage you to experience the joy of exercise in a dazzling, bespoke-built playground. Of course, it’s also the perfect location for the family pool party!

As specialised lap pool designers and builders, it is our goal to create a truly individual design that complements the profile of your home.

A custom lap pool at night  for a Coorparoo home


Check out one of our Favourite Lap Pools in Brisbane:

This project in Coorparoo is one our expert lap builders in Brisbane still talk about today with pride. 

Lap pools designs offer a remarkable use of space and are extremely practical. For many they provide everyone in the home an opportunity for exercise.

They can elongate your outdoor area and in the right setting making for a beautiful profile to the side of your home.

With optional heating systems our lap pools can be used year round making it one of our most used styles. The perfect blend between feature and function.

Our Build Process

We are qualified and licensed Brisbane pools builders who take great pride in our workmanship for every job. All of our lap pools in Brisbane are fully project managed so you do not need to worry about a thing. We do not do any prefabricated fibreglass pools because we believe in truly delivering an award winning pool just for you.

We follow these 11 steps that allow us to make sure that your pool installation is completed efficiently, safely and of the highest quality pool build.


Contact our customer service team for your onsite assessment

1. No-Obligation Site Assessment with one of our swimming pool builders

2. Quote Acceptance and Contract Signing for your design and construction

3. Certification and Approvals for your pool project

4. Excavation to prepare for the concrete for the pool

5. Formwork and Steelwork pool is built

6. Concrete Shell Spraying

7. Finished Shell Curing

8. Filtration

9. Tiling and Finishes

10. Internal pebbling and completion

11. Handover of your new dream pool

Read our detailed building process with our pool company