Bespoke Custom Inground Pools Brisbane

We are the leaders in creating bespoke inground pools in Brisbane, with our custom inground pool designs including plunge pools to grand pool escapes. 

Regardless of your custom inground pool design, we are here to take on the challenge and bring your beautiful swimming pool design to life. From a small intricate plunge pool to a grand inground pool over Brisbane’s skyline, our team are the experts in delivering unrivalled inground pool design and construction.

As one of the leading Brisbane pool builders, we pride ourselves on working closely with you to bring you a high quality product with considerate and understanding service.


Inground Swimming Pool Designs

As specialised concrete inground pool builders in Brisbane, it is our goal to create a truly individual design that complements not only the space but the style of your home.

Concrete inground pools have been long loved for innovation and variability of design. It is more recently that we have seen concrete pools make a swift return over fiberglass pools due the diversity of size and style. As Brisbane develops and block sizes decrease, we have seen more and more truly remarkable custom inground pool designs that make a statement even to the smallest spaces.


Custom inground pool in New farm with mosaic blue tile and decking


Check out one of our Favourite Custom Inground Pools in Brisbane

New Farm

This was a truly enjoyable project, completing this beautiful pool in the heart of Brisbane’s New Farm. We drew on simplicity and balance to make this gorgeous oasis stand out in this small courtyard.

An inground concrete pool was the perfect solution for this space as the home set upon a small sloping block. In a busy family home, with a small space it was a must that this gorgeous inground pool was a continuation of the home. Fitting a prefabricated fibreglass pool was just not an option if we wanted to build this dream family pool.

To truly bring this award winning pool into the 21st century and suit the hustle and bustle of city life we fitted a self cleaning system and automated pool blanket making this gorgeous statement extremely low maintenance as well.


11 Steps to Your Dream Custom Inground Pool Design

We are qualified and licensed swimming pool builders who take great pride in our workmanship for every job. Our pool company follows these 11 steps in our pool building process allowing us to make sure that your pool installation is completed efficiently, safely and of the highest quality.

1.No-Obligation Site Assessment for a pool or spa

2. Quote Acceptance and Contract Signing

3. Certification and Approvals

4. Excavation

5. Quality Pool Formwork and Steelwork

6. Concrete Shell Spraying

7. Finished Shell Curing

8. Filtration

9. Tiling, water features and Finishes

10. Internal pebbling and completion

11. Handover

Read our detailed building process